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Focus RS MK3 2.3 RAMAIR Cone Foam Air Filter Heat Shield Hard Pipe Induction Kit

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Product Code : JFK-118-BK
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Focus RS MK3 Ramair Induction Kit 

This kit allows for increased airflow and induction noise over the factory air intake equipment 

Unlike some other kits our intake system maintains a 76mm diameter pipework from filter to turbo whilst allowing the engine cover to remain fitted without cutting or modification

Unlike some other kits ours allows connection of the factory re-circ pipe without additional hardware and hoses

Our kit has a CNC machined mount for the factory air intake sensor, allowing for a clean ‘OEM-Plus’ look

This kit mounts to standard factory mounting points and rubbers

What you get in this kit: 

  • Jetstream Performance Cone Filter 
  • Aluminium Intake Hard Pipe
  • Heat Shield with OEM mounting points
  • Full Fitting Kit
The induction kit system out there on the market right now available to purchase

Any other questions please call 01543 379 524

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