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Focus RS MK3 Ferodo Racing DS2500 Front Brake Pad Set

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Focus RS MK3 Ferodo Racing DS2500 

DS2500 is amongst the foremost high performance track day pads in the business 

The Ferodo pads offer excellent refinement for such a high performance pad 

DS2500 pads are: 
  • Track day and light race use for all vehicle types
  • Road style refinement but with the race material ability to withstand heat
  • Average friction coefficient of 0.42 over working temperature rang of 20 to 500 degrees
Ferodo pads developed to optimize both the pad and disc life 

All Ferodo racing pads are engineered to perform with a relatively constant coefficient of friction across a wide range of temperatures, pressures and vehicle speeds 

This results in consistent brake feel for the driver that the braking torque is a linear response to pedal pressure

Workshop facilities are available to fit this to your car  
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